Services Offered

Individuals, Couples & Families

Specializing in:

LGBTQ, Somatic Practice, Psychological studies, Multicultural Adaptation,

Gender Identity and Expression

All services offered in Tagolog & English

It is my privilege to accompany you in one-on-one on a journey to excavate and heal pain of body and mind, unlock potential, and build toward empowered, integrated embodiment. Book Online Individual Counseling 1 hr $50-$75

Couples coaching creates a safe space in which to shine the light of awareness on unaddressed resentment, fear, and avoidance, clarify boundaries, needs and agreements, overcome painful patterns, build or rebuild trust, and co-create a vibrant new relationship vision. Book Online Couples Coaching 1 hr $80-$120

Family coaching creates a safe space to bring old and new wounds out into the light to be healed, untangle misunderstanding, break down and release judgments, and bridge differences. Every family is unique. Some families are better suited to group sessions. In other cases, a single family member hiring a coach may be more appropriate and can still have a powerful ripple effect on all parties involved. Book Online Families 1 hr $100-$150