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The reason I would refer Sunny because he is first and foremost, compassionate. When speaking , feel free to talk about anything without feeling ashamed or feeling judged. I'm right at ease when we talk and I think that empathy is the most important quality for a life coach to have. It makes me feel safe and cared for. Anyone would be lucky to have Sunny as their life coach.- JG

Sunny’s sensitivity to his clients’ diverse needs, and skillfulness in supporting and co-creatively journeying with—rather than directing—them, allows clients to tap into the wellspring of their own internal resources while simultaneously acquiring new, transformational skills with which to overcome life challenges and achieve personal, professional, and relationship goals.- A.C.

Sunny is distinguished by his warmth of heart, generosity of spirit, non-binary view of life and individual experience, commitment to authenticity, multiculturalism, and to social justice-fighting racism, homophobia, trans-phobia, able-ism, and all forms of prejudice born of systemic oppression. Sunny is the real deal, with a wisdom born of transformed pain that you can't fake. His strength as a healer is deepened by a willingness to be vulnerable, his technical skills set balanced by a fearlessness to go with you to the heart of your deepest suffering, and then travel outward with you, at your own pace, and on your own terms, into a new expansiveness and celebration of life.- Hyejo K. Somaticdream

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