Somatic Practice

Somatic methodology is a pathway to individual and collective transformation and integration , a holistic approach to creating healing shifts in embodied experience that nourish us over time and translate not only into new ways of being and perceiving, but into new depths of connection and empowered action.

Gender Identity

Gender Identity is the innermost concept of self as male, female, a blend of both, or neither , regardless of sex assigned at birth. Imposing rigid gender expectations on a baby can be damaging to the psycho-social development of the child from infancy to adulthood, restricting the degree to which they feel free to define, declare, and present gender as they experience it. Often erroneously discussed as a dysfunction, gender dysphoria may be experienced by anyone at any phase of life. Discarding the toxic messaging of socially-sanctioned, arbitrarily prescribed, gender norms in favor of authentic self-determination opens the way to harmonizing the inward and outward experience of gender, instead of suffering from dissonance between the two.

Multicultural Adaptation

Living in a new culture can be very confusing and difficult to process, especially when that culture is drastically different from your own. How does it feel not to be able to read street signs because they are written in an unfamiliar language? Or to have an outfit you are wearing deemed unacceptable by your peers? Building a strong foundational skillset with which to navigate the small and large, acute and persistent, stresses of cultural adaptation is not a quick and easy process. A person being introduced into a new culture may experience a variety of responses, including frustration at not being able to communicate and anger when confronted with cultural norms that seem to make no sense. For instance, in Filipino culture, burping after eating is a complement, while in certain other cultures it may be considered the opposite. These differences can be extremely uncomfortable! Cultural adaptation theory helps to contextualize and ground coaching work supporting you through these difficult emotions.

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